What size hole can a skunk fit through?

Skunks are burrowing animals; they built houses, sheds, decks, and other underground structures. Seal them as much as possible. They easily fit through four inches of small holes. A three-foot-high wire mesh, like chicken wire, works well; Tie at least one foot deep.

Skunk made hole:
I saw a skunk going through the fence panel with 3.25 "square holes, which must have been like rats. Even adult skunks can easily make holes and go through them. Skunk makes small round cone-shaped holes in your garden, their holes are 3 to 5 inches long. Skunks always dig deeper in the ground, it looks round but when looking closer it looks like cone-shaped.Skunks can easily enter through fences because they have a specialty in digging soil and pass through the fence easily. Like other animals, skunks are very sensitive and curious that they even open your cupboards which are closed.

Holes around the house:
If you don't want them to get into holes then you need to close holes with a tight lid. There are many holes around the house so just cover them tightly before facing any inconvenience. Not just skunks can crawl down in these holes many others just go through the holes and even produce babies there if you do not notice them and once they produce little ones it will be too difficult to let them out.

5 to 8 inches hole:
If there is a hole of about 8 inches around, a skunk can easily fit through it and feel comfortable there. They cannot harm humans even if they spray their odor when they feel themselves in danger around humans who don’t let them get out of there easily. If the hole is not 8 inches long and deep they can crawl down if it's 5 inches or 3 inches. They make their own holes while searching for insects and they make many holes around to get food and your yard seems like a mess.

Deep holes:
Skunks made holes which are long and deeper, its cone-shaped holes which are deeper inside because they feel comfortable in deeper holes and relax there. When they crawl down they feel too relaxed there and produce their young ones freely down there. They are attached to that place and don't want to move away so in that situation you need professionals who help you to get them out by using different methods.

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